RENOTEC® Roof Coatings Videos

In this section you will find our videos together with their description. You will be able to see the RENOTEC® roof coatings reviews, masonry creme, facade coating, wood impregnator, water repellent, etc.

Roof tiles renovation on Denmark.

In this work we see how the roof treated with RENOTEC® roof coatings looks, our team made this last work in Denmark.

Another well done job

In this video you will see what are the properties of RENOTEC® Roof Coatings and also you can see our results.

proPERLA® Water Repellent

proPERLA® Water Repellent is a water based water repellent developed with the latest nano-technology. It can be used on all mineral surfaces on walls, roofs and paving slabs.

proPERLA® is a special molecular composition that reacts with mineral groups and actively bond to mineral surfaces such as concrete and protects against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and others.

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Exterior Facade Coating

This unique coating technology makes facades self-cleaning, extremely water repellent & allows the walls to breathe naturally.

Your coated masonry will be protected against destructive impact of sun, wind and other weather conditions (acid rains, salt spray, smog etc). It will be weather protected and color stable for many years.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme

Improve the thermal resistance of you brick walls with proPERLA Masonry Creme. Here you can see how it is applied with a airless sprayer. Creates an invisible insulation barrier to improve thermal resistance and reduce heat loss.

Prevents growth of moss and algae and due to its extreme beading behavior it will reduce water ingress on walls by more than 95%.

The treated surface will remain breathable to water vapor. Furthermore, it will create a self cleaning effect and the bricks will stay clean.

proPERLA® Floor impregnation

Impregnation for a long-lasting protection of your paving stones. Recommened for all mineral surfaces such as driveways, walkways, terraces and patios.

proPERLA® Wood Impregnator

proPERLA® Wood Impregnator is a water-based solution designed with the latest nanotechnology. It protects wooden surfaces such as hardwood terraces, beams or wooden boards against premature aging. Thanks to its extreme beading effect, it effectively prevents the shrinkage or splitting of wood.