Original protection for industrial facades

Professional treatment system that restores the original protection of metal facades on industrial buildings to minimize long-term surface erosion.

Metal coating for ultimate protection

COROSAN® is a water-based coating for metal surfaces such as facades of industrial buildings. It has been scientifically developed by chemists with many decades of experience following the latest technological research. The treatment protects against erosion of the surface repels water and is very resistant to rain, frost, sun, etc.

Why restore metal facades with COROSAN® ?

High quality pigments for a new look

COROSAN® is composed of carefully selected pigments. Thanks to its extreme adherence capacity it provides maximum protection to metal facades. COROSAN® transforms the appearance of dirty and unattractive metal facades in clean and aesthetic industrial buildings.

Designed with microFORMULA® technology

COROSAN® has been designed with microFORMULA® technology, which allows penetration after triggering a much faster and more complete reaction in a metal support.

Quality standars

Will not crack or peel, will remain flexible, colour stable and offer surface protection for over 10 years.

Application tools

These are our recommended application tools.

Metal Primer

COROSAN® Metal Primer is a water-soluble primer based on modified acrylic dispersions. It has been developed specifically for COROSAN® metal facade coatings and has a strengthening effect and high penetration depth.

For more information about oru primer see technical information below or contact an specialist.

Technical data information

If you have any questions about where or how to use our products, or if the products fit well for you, we strongly recommend you to speak with a one of our specialist.